Live: DPC Nuts and Bolts to 2.0

October 14, 2017 07:56 AM
Nuts & Bolts is an event by practitioners, for practitioners. Tune in to learn all the tips, tricks, and best practices from some of Direct Primary Care's most influential leaders like Dr. Phil Eskew, Dr. Julie Gunther, and Dr. Josh Umber.

The DPC Nuts & Bolts conference is hosted by the Docs4PatientCare Foundation:

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October 13, 2017
Hal Scherz, M.D. & Physicians Foundation Board Representatives
Ryan Neuhofel, D.O.
Detailing the appeal and growth of DPC. How we got here.
Julie K. Gunther, M.D.
Working through challenges
Josh Umbehr, M.D.
Implement value and understand why practices succeed
Chad Savage, M.D.
Marketing DPC, the elevator sales pitch & being the best doctor
Moderated by Lee Gross, M.D.
Audience participation

Chris Markford, Florida Chapter, Free Market Medical Assoc.

Understanding the role of free market in health care.
Jay Kempton
Describe working with employers / TPAs / Self funded plans
Lee Gross, M.D.
Discuss how DPC practices can add value

Moderator: Megan Freedman, Free Market Medical Assoc.

Author - DPC: The Hero’s Journey
Understand the forces motivating the DPC physician
Jay Keese, DPC Coalition
Detailed update on the state and federal legislative / policy issues
Phil Eskew, D.O., J.D., MBA
Top issues discussed by the legal mind dominating the front lines of DPC legal issues
Moderated by: Hal Scherz, M.D.
President of the Galen Institute
Promoting a competitive patient-centered health marketplace
CEO, 2012 Presidential Candidate, National Radio Broadcaster
The New Medicine: Overcoming Fear in the New Frontier
October 14, 2017
Beth Haynes, M.D. & Ori Hampel, M.D.
Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA
  • Discuss basic contracting,
    pitfalls and precautions.
  • Differentiate between Direct
    Primary Care, concierge and
  • Describe opting out of
Drs. Jennifer Harader, Delicia
Haynes, Vance Lassey

  • Discuss establishing pricing for
    labs, imaging, pharmacy, etc.
  • Determining pricing structure
  • Detail basic marketing Dos and
  • Setting up your practice &
    keeping overhead low 
  • Analyze getting the transition
Moderated panel discussion
Moderator: Julie K. Gunther, M.D.
  • Discuss pitfalls and problems that physicians encounter.
  • Analyze succesful and failed practices.
  • Panelists: Drs. Jessica Davis, Tom White, Kissi Blackwell,
    Jennifer Harader, Rob Rosborough, Nicholas Tomsen and
    James Londyn