Live: Hint Summit 2017 Livestream

April 28, 2017 12:49 PM


Tune in to this sold out event to hear Direct Care physicians and industry gurus present strategies and techniques for accelerating the Direct Care movement. 
Mike Lubin from Hint Health will kick off the day with opening remarks.

Dave Chase, nationally-renowned speaker and founder of the Health Rosetta Institute, described as the LEED-like organization that provides a blueprint for smart health care purchasing, will discuss how healthcare stole the American dream – Here’s How We Take it Back. Dave is also the Executive Producer of the upcoming movie “The Big Heist,” which he describes as “The Big Short” for health care. Chase previously founded Microsoft’s health platform business that now generates more than $2B annually. His last startup was acquired by WebMD.

Dave Chase, Health Rosetta

The Hint CEO will kick off the Summit by outlining the day’s theme, sharing the Hint origin story and overarching vision, and unveiling exciting new product and partnership announcements.

Zak Holdsworth, Hint Health

Chasm Group co-founder, healthcare investor, and author of best-selling book The Gorilla Game will share his extensive experience in marketing and business strategy. In this talk, Tom will show us how the famous Chasm Group principles for shifting technology markets from early adopters to mainstream consumers can be applied equally well to Direct Care. Tom will apply insights from the bestselling marketing book, Crossing the Chasm, to shed light on how we can collectively accelerate the Direct Care movement as a whole.

Tom Kippola, Chasm Group

The founders of Silicon Valley advisory firm Play Bigger studied legendary category-creating companies and revealed a groundbreaking discipline called category design. By practicing category design, companies and movements can create new demand where none existed—conditioning customers’ brains so they change their expectations and buying habits. While this discipline defines the technology industry, it applies equally well to every category of consumer product, including Direct Care.


Crossing the Chasm revolutionized how we think about new products in an existing market. The Innovator’s Dilemma taught us about disrupting an aging market. Play Bigger co-founder Dave Peterson is going to talk about how to...

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The previous morning speakers Dave, Tom and Dave will discuss specific applications of consumer marketing techniques to Direct Care.

Dave ChaseTom KippolaDave Peterson - Zak Holdsworth (M)

Erika Bliss, CEO of one of the first enterprise scale Direct Care businesses, will share insights from her journey and discuss the systemic challenges we must breakthrough to accelerate Direct Care into the mainstream.

Dr Erika Bliss, CEO Qliance 

Today's health care services are usually designed around the needs of the payer. Parsley Health founder Robin Berzin talks about how to build a consumer centric healthcare service that is truly designed around the patient, and how this creates fundamental paradigm shifts in clinical care, technology, brand, and operations.

Dr. Robin Berzin, CEO & Founder Parsley Health

Unlike most attempts at healthcare reform, Direct Care is truly physician driven. In this talk, Dr. Lisa Davidson will take us on a journey through the origins of this grassroots movement.

Dr. Lisa Davidson, Insight Primary Care

In life and business, it is always easy to look in hindsight and come up with a list of failings or shortfalls. It is not, however, always easy to open up and share these learnings. In his talk, Dr. Ken Rictor shares his retrospective on where he failed, the lessons learned, and strategies he would have adopted earlier in the conversion of his insurance based practice to Direct Care on the way to building what is today is a successful business.

Dr. Ken Rictor, Founder Scotland Family Medicine

SparkMD founder Dr. Julie Gunther shares her experience throwing caution to the wind and rapidly building a highly successful community Direct Care practice, in no time flat.

Dr. Julie Gunther, Founder SparkMD

Building on the prior talks, the legendary Dr. Rob Lamberts will lead the group discussing tactics for educating and attracting new physicians into the Direct Care movement. These veterans will also share their experiences, lessons learned, and biggest regrets on the road to success.

Dr. Julie GuntherDr. Lisa Davidson, Dr. Ken Rictor - Dr. Rob Lamberts

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Ray Bradford, CEO of the patient engagement and telemedicine platform Spruce Health will go over proprietary data and give insights into the future of Direct Care.

Ray Bradford, Spruce Health
John Moore, CEO of health management platform Twine Health will discuss his vision to accelerate Direct Care.

John Moore, Twine Health
Kyna Fong, CEO of the leading EHR platform Elation Health will discuss her team's proprietary insights into Direct Care growth and their vision to accelerate it.

Kyna Fong, Elation Health

Dr. Flanagan will discuss Nextera Healthcare’s playbook on how they’ve taken a well-established fee-for-service practice and turned it into a hybrid practice that includes a rapidly growing DPC network of affiliate physicians.

Dr. Clint Flanagan, Founder & CEO Nextera Healthcare

With a unique blend of perspectives to tackle the challenges of selling to employers, benefits guru Andy Neary will lead a panel of Direct Care veterans, successful network operators and their benefits professional counterparts to discuss strategies for how to crack the employer code.

Jon HernandezJohn CollierDrew KallestadClint Flanagan - Andy Neary (M)

End of live stream schedule. Thank you for attending!