Live: Hint Summit 2018 San Francisco

June 09, 2018 11:40 AM

Hint Summit brings together pioneering physicians, industry leaders, technology experts, and policy advocates who are at the forefront of healthcare reform in the US, to accelerate Direct Care and make it the new standard.

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June 08, 2018
Mike Lubin of Hint will open the conference and frame the day to come.
Dr. Zubin "ZDOGG" Damania will speak about the experiences that led to his burn-out under the Health 2.0 paradigm despite holding a coveted job in a prestigious bay-area health system, ultimately motivating him to leave corporate medicine and forge a new path with his own venture: Turntable Health. Zubin's incredible journey propelled him to the forefront of the Health 3.0 movement and led to numerous larger-than-life experiences, including a partnership with Tony Hsieh of Zappos to rebuild downtown Las Vegas with next generation healthcare at its core. 

Now a professional spokesman of the movement, Zubin crosses the country...
Mingle and network with pioneers in Direct Care from all corners of the industry.
David Contorno represents a new class of benefits consultant who fight to secure the most value for their clients. Rather than seeking to run up the bill and increase their commission, as is common under the current paradigm, David lives at the forefront of healthcare innovation, educating himself on new cost saving models and expertly assembling them into consumable packages for employers.

David will pull back the curtain on many of the detrimental practices in today's health-benefits ecosystem and provide some tips for how to avoid them as a savvy healthcare consumer. Then he'll talk about an entirely new...
Dave Chase has been building and investing in healthcare businesses for the better part of two decades. His unique perspective into the problems ailing our current healthcare system have led to his regular contributions on Forbes and the publishing of a widely referenced book.

Dave will talk about one of the biggest crises facing the medical community today, and how the decline of high quality primary care is the number one culprit. He'll conclude by profiling several innovative solutions to this problem currently being fostered by the Health Rosetta Institute, a healthcare innovation venture he co-founded in early 2016.
33% of surgeries are medically unnecessary. No-one is more aware of this than Dutch Rojas , founder and CEO of Sano Surgery. Several years ago he started to look into this and other trends across his network in an effort increase the value his business provides to consumers and employers.

Hear his war stories as he grappled with this foundational issue, ultimately finding a true partner in the DPC networks around his community. Their deep relationships with patients allowed them to provide excellent advice that steered them away from unnecessarily invasive procedures. Dutch will talk about these and other innovations he's...
Dr. Garrison Bliss is a founding member of the Direct Primary Care movement, having operated his DPC practice Bliss MD for over 15 years in Seattle, Washington. Garrison will talk about the motivations behind the formation of this grassroots movement and the reasons why such a simple change is driving profound transformation across our healthcare system.
Dr. Joel Bessmer discusses the formation for Strada Healthcare and their strategy for leveraging a network affiliates model to serve large employer accounts. Dr. Bessmer will provide insights into operating this model and the importance of clearly defining accountability metrics that demonstrate success.
Dr. Ben Aiken will discuss his journey of transformation while pioneering a DPC offering within a large health system. Dr. Aiken will cover lessons learned and provide tips for effectively selling innovation in a politically complex environment.
Dr. John Bender of Miramont Family Medicine will discuss the details of bringing a Direct Care offering into a very large, politically complex environment and provide a few tips for innovating as a group.
Each presenter from the previous session joins a panel discussion with moderated Q&A.
Dr. David Berg will outline how Redirect Health is using DPC to build complete healthcare products for a totally unaddressed portion of the healthcare market, enabling small businesses to provide excellent health benefits to hourly wage workers at an incredibly affordable cost.
Dr. Jeremy Smith of MyMD Select discusses best practices for selling DPC to small businesses, leveraging years of his own data as proof for this growth model. 

Dr. Smith will conclude with his vision for wider DPC collaboration and the genesis behind his newest project: MyMD Connect.
Keynote: Zak Holdsworth, CEO of Hint
Mingle and network with pioneers in Direct Care from all corners of the industry.
Vineeth Yeddula, co-founder of health analytics company KPI Ninja, will discuss applying advanced analytics and natural language processing algorithms to prove the value of Direct Care.
David Craig, Medical Director for Spruce, will discuss the impact of modern communication channels on clinical outcomes, and explore how Direct Care practices can harness these technologies to grow their business.
Jay Keese, Executive Director of the Direct Primary Care Coalition, will talk about the changing tides of healthcare reform in Washington D.C. and provide insights into the new Direct Care pilots being discussed for Medicare.
Dr. Ryan Neuhofel will discuss the motivations and vision behind the newly formed Direct Primary Care Alliance and other initiatives to unite individual reform efforts into a growing national movement.
Sally Welborn, former Global Head of Benefits at Wal-Mart Stores, talks about the company's innovative and sometimes irreverent strategies for delivering the best healthcare to its employees.
Cristin Dickerson, MD, radiologist and founder of Green Imaging discusses her 6 year experience providing innovative direct radiology services in Texas and now beyond and her subsequent co-founding of Lucent MD, offering DPC centric regional whole health plans to individuals and employers.
Dr. Clint Flanagan of Nextera Healthcare will moderate a panel of physicians, brokers, and benefits program managers to discuss the kinds of healthcare products and services that are most attractive in today's dynamic market.
June 09, 2018
Dr. Alex Lickerman and Rhea Campbell will discuss their experience co-founding Imagine MD. They'll do a deep dive into the data behind their rapid growth, and discuss best practices for building a strong, repeatable growth program.
A lightbulb went off for Lori-Ann Martell when she first heard about Direct Care at an MGMA conference in San Francisco. She rushed back to her large family practice in Napels, Florida and immediately began building a business case for the transition. 

2 years later, Lori-Ann will share the details of models she used to build consensus amongst her senior partners and prove Direct Care is a viable alternative for her community.
Dr. Brett Swenson makes the case for a measured transition into Direct Care that has allowed him to sustainably transform the make up of his patient panel without sacrificing a dime of revenue.
Jason Larsen will tell the story of starting Assurance Healthcare from scratch, and share his tips for building a successfully targeted marketing campaign to attract the right audience.
Appalenia Udell, CEO of the Poza Network, will talk about the legal do's and don'ts of starting a Direct Care practice, and provide a strategic framework to manage and optimize your transition.
The morning's speakers will join a panel discussion and take questions from the audience.
Each of the morning's speakers will lead a roundtable discussion on the topic of their presentation to share their expertise in depth.
Discuss ways to keep in touch after the event.
Dr. Emilie Scott will sit down with a patient from Halcyon Health to discuss the benefits of Direct Care and explore what consumers find most exciting about this new model.
Mike Lubin of Hint closes the conference by reflecting on all that has been discussed and learned in the previous days.