Hint Summit 2018

Hint Summit 2018

Dr. Garrison Bliss: DPC: Simple Ideas, Trojan...

234 views July 24, 2018

Dr. Garrison Bliss is a founding member of the Direct Primary Care movement, having operated his...

Hint Summit 2018

Dutch Rojas: Bring Value or Go Home

205 views July 24, 2018

Thirty-three percent of surgeries are medically unnecessary. No-one is more aware of this than...

Hint Summit 2018

Dave Chase: The Opioid Crisis Wake-up Call

207 views July 23, 2018

Dave Chase has been building and investing in healthcare businesses for the better part of two...

Hint Summit 2018

David Contorno: Restoring the American Dream

355 views July 23, 2018

David Contorno represents a new class of benefits consultant who fight to secure the most value...