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DPC Nuts and Bolts 2.0 2017

Panel Session: Dr. Lee Gross, Jay Kempton,...

607 views November 02, 2017

The panelists answer audience questions on working with employers, negotiating rates, and...

DPC Nuts and Bolts 2.0 2017

Dr. Lee Gross: Breaking the Cost Curve

535 views November 02, 2017

Dr. Gross talks about the enormous cost savings available via the DPC model with real world...

DPC Nuts and Bolts 2.0 2017

Jay Kempton: Working with Plans

556 views November 02, 2017

Jay Kempton talks about his experience operating a free-market focused TPA, and covers best...

DPC Nuts and Bolts 2.0 2017

Dr. Josh Umbehr: Defining the Winning Formula

596 views November 02, 2017

Dr. Josh Umbehr of AtlasMD talks about how to deliver the best value through Direct Primary Care...

Hint Summit

Dr. Clint Flanagan: From Hybrid to Network

473 views October 05, 2017

Dr. Clint Flanagan discusses the Nextera Healthcare playbook on how they’ve taken a...

Hint Summit

Dr. John Moore: Twine Health's Vision For...

524 views October 05, 2017

Dr. John Moore, founder of Twine Health, shares his company's vision for accelerating Direct Care.

Hint Summit

Ray Bradford: Telemedicine Trends In Direct Care

624 views October 05, 2017

Ray Bradford, CEO of Spruce Health, shares some of his company's data on telemedicine usage...

Hint Summit

Zak Holdsworth: Our Vision For Accelerating...

701 views October 05, 2017

Zak Holdsworth, CEO of Hint Health, presents the company's origin story for the first time and...

Hint Summit

Dr. Ken Rictor: A Direct Care Retrospective

709 views September 29, 2017

In life and business, it is always easy to look in hindsight and come up with a list of failings...