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Hint Summit 2017

Panel Discussion: Cracking the Employer Code

769 views May 15, 2017

A robust panel of successful Direct Care physicians are joined by several employer benefits...

Hint Summit 2017

Jay Keese: Direct Care Policies in a Trump Era

502 views May 15, 2017

Jay Keese, Executive Director of the Direct Primary Care Coalition in Washington D.C., discusses...

Hint Summit 2017

Dr. Phil Eskew: The Legal and Regulatory...

522 views May 15, 2017

The founder of DPC Frontier takes us on a journey through past, present, and future political...

Hint Summit 2017

Dr. Ken Rictor: A Direct Care Retrospective

613 views May 15, 2017

In life and business, it is always easy to look in hindsight and come up with a list of failings...

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Hint Platform Tour

1,182 views July 10, 2017