Webinar: Staffing Your DPC

As your Direct Primary Care practice grows, you may find it challenging to balance delivering excellent service to your patients and the administrative tasks associated with running a practice.

Dr. Brie Seefeldt, Owner and CEO of Direct Osteopathic Care, shared the story of growing the number of employees to support her DPC practice. In this webinar you’ll hear about what she learned along the way, and how her in-house team alongside Sling Health’s team of remote Medical Assistants has enabled her to scale efficiently. Cassie Choi, RN, Founder of Sling Health shared how their skilled teams help DPC doctors stay organized and provide a high level of service to their members. The speakers will hold a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

To schedule a consultation with Sling Health, go to slinghealth.com/hint.